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Current syllabus, schedule, rules, etc

110 Fall22 Syllabus


110 Fall22 Schedule


Required vs recommended homework problems




161Workbook Solutions

Workbook solutions, free electronic version of Chapter 1, and supplemental handouts.


Link for purchase: Physics Workbook Volume 1 on Amazon.

Can also get it in the bookstore...

Jorstad’s PHYS 110 Video Lectures

110 Playlist on Youtube

The recordings are ok...not as good audio & video as my 161 lectures.  Might be preferable to the 161 lectures since this is at the correct instructional level (no calculus).  I was still learning and perfecting my zoom from home set-up during these recordings.

Jorstad’s PHYS 161

Video Lectures

161 Playlist on Youtube

These recordings are decent.  I had to run the camera myself which slowed me down a lot.  Also, the whiteboard was worn out so erasing the board took forever.

110 Practice Exams


These are Jorstad’s most recent 110 exams & solutions.

Grade calculator for courses without labs



Openstax book


start at Unit 1, Chapter 1 (shortcut to 1.1)

If you reach a “Check your Understanding” while reading you can click on the number to see the answer.  To get back to the reading, click on the number next to the answer. 


To find the CQ’s and P’s: go to Chapter Review and SCROLL DOWN (shortcut to Ch1 review).

To get answers: click on the number next to any given problem.  To get back to the problems, click on the number next to the answer.  Alternatively, open the answers in a separate tab and scroll around.

Note: There are solutions for all concept questions (CQ’s) but only odd problems (P’s) are solved.