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PHYS 161 Workbook Materials


Workbook solutions, free electronic version of Chapter 1, and supplemental handouts

PHYS 161 Lab Materials


Lab Manual, Handouts, Rubrics, and Excel Sheets

Jose Mís PyCharm handout

161 Practice Exams


These are Jorstadís 161 exams (and solutions) since Fall 2010 or so. 

Note: I havenít taught 161 every semester.

Openstax book

We start at Unit 1, Chapter 1 (shortcut to 1.1)

If you reach a ďCheck your UnderstandingĒ while reading you can click on the number to see the answer.† To get back to the reading, click on the number next to the answer.†


Note: all concept questions (CQís) are solved in openstax.†

Only odd problems (Pís) are solved in openstax.


To find the CQís and Pís: go to Chapter Review and SCROLL DOWN (shortcut to Ch1 review).


To get answers: click on the number next to any given problem.† To get back to the problems, click on the number next to the answer.† Alternatively, open the answers in a separate tab and scroll around.